Cramps, where art thou?

It just hit me the other day.
Uhhh, when was the last time Aunt Flow came to visit me.
I mean, every 30 days, like clock work, that grouchy hag invades our home
for a whole week.
But not this month, and come to think of it I don’t recall her
visit last month either?
But I could be wrong.
So, being the obsessive “must know everything right NOW” gal that I am,
 I headed over to the drug store to find some answers.
On my way, Baby W was loudly ‘singing’ from his car seat as he pulverized cheerios into my seats. 
 I looked back and smiled at him, grateful for the miracle that is his existence…but truthfully, scared to death at the prospect of juggling two of him at once {just not the right time}.
So I bought the test, and walked out of the store ignoring the judgemental look on the cashiers face that read “you are too young to have one baby, let alone be preggo with another”.
{people tend to think I am a teen momma, which I suppose is a compliment}
As soon as I got home I wasted no time peeing on that stick.
And then I waited…
For three of the longest minutes of my life…
In three minutes I imagined life with a toddler and an infant…
I imagined how hard it would be to be changing two sets of diapers…
How hard it would be to be up all night for another year (at least)…
How hard it would be to make any time for me or any time for the hubby…
How expensive it would be…
How exhausted I would be…
How stressed I would be…
How stretched thin I would be…
How tired I would be {did I already say that one}…
And then my three minutes were up…
And you know what, I was disappointed.
Because no matter how tired, how busy, how stretched thin I would be, it doesn’t compare to how happy my little baby would make me.
So, will you be trying to have another kiddo anytime soon, you ask?
The answer is still no.
But if the test would have read “pregnant”, I would have jumped for joy.
FYI: I have the utmost admiration for all those Momma’s out there with multiple kiddos. You rock! You’re the strongest, most courageous, most inspiring group of people I know!
Mom’s like this.
And this.
And this.
And all the rest of you, you know who you are!