Things That Are Official This Week {in pictures} #2

Baby W officially gnaws through my furniture like a little puppy. 

Baby W had his first official bite of Lemon Sorbet.

And it was not his favorite.
But birthday cake IS officially his favorite.

It’s official: Baby W is beginning early prep for his future career on the Olympic track team. This is his starting gate position.
I have now seen my first movie at the theatre ALONE!
And it officially made me cry–three times.
{Clarification: the movie made me cry, not the fact that I was alone}.
Clearly, I need to get out more.
I am officially SICK and TIRED of my flabby post-baby body!
Its been an entire year now, so I can’t blame my loose skin on Baby W any more.  And after re-reading this post by Jessica {pictured above}, I am officially inspired to kick it into high gear–for reals this time.
It officially feels like I am living on the sun out here in So Cal.
I am officially in the process of opening a super dooper exciting Little Miss Momma Etsy shop {so stay tuned}.  Nothing fancy, just some fun goodies.  I figure an Etsy shop is only the natural progression of a momma blogger, right?

And last, but certainly not least.
I have officially been married to the most supportive, studly, considerate, and loving hubby in the world, for four years today! And he just so happens to officially be the best baby-daddy a little miss momma could ask for!
{first date photo}
Happy Anniversary hubby hubster!
{You officially make me happy}
– love you –