There are certain yucky experiences in life that every new momma will be forced to endure throughout her first go around.
First shot. {check}
First fever. {check}
First cough. {check}
First tantrum. {double check}
First sandy poo diaper. {check}
First bug eating.{yes, check}
The list goes on.
Well today, this momma experienced her first spill with Baby W.
And not the kind of spill where his bottle empties onto my freshly cleaned kitchen floor. 
No, I’m talking about the kinda spill where your precious little baby falls flat on his face, cuts open his adorable little lip, hyperventilates from crying so hard and nearly breaks your momma heart into a million little pieces.

Today I was able to check this ultra yucky experience off of that icky list of ‘inevitable experiences’.
I always knew this day would arrive, and honestly, at the rate {and speed} my babe crawls, I am surprised such an incident hasn’t occurred sooner.  But I was even more surprised by my reaction.
Not even one second after he took his spill, Baby W was already scooped up into my arms as I attempted to calmly assess the damage.
I knew he was in real pain because he was doing his “silent cry”. 
The cry where his face looks like he’s crying, but no sound is coming out.  The one where his face begins to turn purple and I have to blow on his mouth to remind him to breath.
You know the cry I’m talking about.
Well, I handled the crying just fine.
It wasn’t until I saw the blood that I fell apart.
I became completely overwhelmed and fell into one of those black hole momma moments where you feel utterly helpless.  And that feeling of helplessness only magnified the catastrophe at hand.
And, YES, to a new momma, this experience was deemed a catastrophe
Note the extra puffy top lip, the tear tracks on his cheeks and blood on his nose and eye lid.
I’m not sure who was more emotional,
Baby W or his Momma. 
Still dazed and confused.

Lucky for Mommy, Daddy was home and able to put on a brave face for Baby W while Momma got it together in the other room.

So here’s to hoping this momma handles the future icky items on the list with a bit more courage–and without getting those black spots in her eyes and losing her balance.
Keep your fingers crossed for me.
On a happy note,
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