Dear Baby W,
You are a daddy’s boy,
there’s no doubt about that!
But for some reason, from the moment you woke up this morning until I tucked you into bed, you spent every waking second of the day as a complete Momma’s boy–which, before having a child of my own, was my absolute pet peevebut now
now, I must admit that having a few days here and there where you only want your momma to hold you, and feed you, and play with you, and read to you, and snuggle you and kiss you–well, it kinda makes me happy.
I turn to mush on the inside when you crawl over to my feet and use the hem of my skirt to pull yourself up into a standing position; and then reach your arms up towards me so that I will pick you up.
I love that on days like today, you pretend you have forgotten how to hold your own bottle so that Mommy will pull you up onto her lap and hold it for you.
I love how you give me your fake quiver lip if you don’t have my undivided attention for even one second.
And while I’d like to think that days like today are your way of showing me how much you love your momma–I know that in reality, your Momma’s boy routine, usually means a fever is just around the corner on or a new tooth is making its way through.
And that’s okay.
Because I’ll take cuddle time over squirmy time any way I can get it.
So thanks for today.