Vinyl Wall Art Canvas Tutorial
{made with vinyl wall art courtesy of Dali Decals}
I am totally digging our newest Little Miss Momma sponsor, Dali Decals–because not only do they have tons of the most fabulous vinyl wall art out there, but their products inspire me to be a little miss crafty pants.
Dali Decals recently sent me this rad vinyl wall art:
Are you loving that its on a toilet as much as I am?
Well, when I chose this piece, I had other plans in mind for my decal.
I didn’t have a permanent location in mind, so I decided to apply the decal to canvases.
And now, here’s the tutorial so you can make your very own Dali Decals canvas wall art.
Here’s what you’ll need:
Your favorite Dali Decal
2 canvases in the size of your choice
acrylic paint in the color of your choice
scissors and paint brush
wall art scraper {or credit card}
Paint your canvases in the acrylic paint you selected.
They will probably require two coats.

While you wait for your canvases to dry COMPLETELY, cut out all your decals.

Once your canvases are dry, you are ready to apply your decals following the instructions included in your order.  {see summary in below steps}
Peel back the paper backing on your decals and place lightly on your canvases in the layout you desire.

Once your decals are in place, use the tool included in your order {or the edge of a credit card} to press down your decal.  Be sure to all get the edges of the decal VERY well.

{I think this is such a genius marketing tool–get it, marketing “tool”}.

Begin to lift up the contact paper from your decals to reveal your beautiful finished product.

My decals were a bit larger than my canvas, so I chose to have my decal go all the way over the edge of the canvas.

And then I trimmed the excess.

And there ya have it–that’s it!
So, what do you think?
Pretty simple, right?!

I think this project would also be fun with these other decals from Dali Decals:

Aren’t these all to-die-for?!
Vinyl wall art is the perfect way to add some flare to those bare walls in your home–without breaking the bank!  Head over to Dali Decals and get lost in their vast world of fab vinyl wall art–you’ll be happy you did!
You can also visit Dali Decals on FACEBOOK!
I will be linking this tutorial up to these fabulous parties!