True love is filling up my water bottle for me every night before we go to bed–without me asking.

True love is taking off of work an hour early to watch Baby W so that I can go to Joann’s ALONE.

True love is giving me a kiss first thing in the morning before I have brushed my teeth.

True love is reading every single word of every single post I put up on Little Miss Momma–because he wants to.

True love is changing poopy diapers.
True love is not complaining when I don’t shave my legs, for let’s say two weeks {hypothetically speaking, of course}.

True love is biting his tongue when I leave my trash in the car.

True love is putting lotion on my feet while we watch TV.

True love is agreeing to watch the Wedding Planner again, for Friday movie night.
True love hides his tears when we watch the Notebook.

True love is giving me the last piece of pizza.
True love is pretending you love my “new” post-baby body.

True love is remembering ALL the toppings I like on my frozen yogurt.

True love is reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar 52 times a day.

True love is surprising me with an extra large diet coke from McDonald’s, because you know it’s my favorite.

True love is acting interested when we go clothes shopping.

True love is staying up all night to assemble my kitchen table and chairs.
True love has patience to play with his little guy.

True love is supporting me and all of my crazy dreams.

True love is generous with cuddles, kisses, hugs and “I love you’s”.

True love knows how important all “the little things” are.

True love is AWESOME!

And this is what true love looks like:
Isn’t he handsome *wink*
Are you gagging from the overwhelming sentimental mushiness yet?
Sorry about that folks–but I just had to shout from the roof tops that I love this man and his true love makes me the happiest Little Miss Momma ever!
What is your true love?