Pumpkin Vase Flower Arrangement Tutorial
{in 5 minutes or less}
When a talented friend of mine told me that she uses those fake pumpkins from craft stores to make flower arrangements and table center pieces, I knew I had to try it out for myself!
Aside from the fact that the flowers from my garden are almost dead, I am still in love with the end result.  Just imagine when I buy fresh flowers for this arrangement!

Ready to make your own?!

Fake carvable pumpkin {purchased at Michael’s}
Small vase {from Dollar Tree}
Steak knife for carving
Flowers from your garden

I made one white and one orange pumpkin–not sure which one is my favorite.

Just like you are carving a real pumpkin, cut out the lid–be sure the opening is large enough to slip the vase through.

Place your vase into the center of the pumpkin.
Add water to the vase.

You only want the flower {not the stems} to show in this arrangement–so trim down the stems.  And then arrange your flowers–THAT”S IT!!!


Happy Halloween Crafting!
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