>These are the moments…

But I forget that.

Every day.

Every day I find myself thinking
“I can’t wait for the day that ________”.

Over the years that blank has been filled with: graduate, get married, have a baby, own a home, find my passion, have “free” time, get completely organized, have my “body for life”, etc.

I tell myself, I can be totally happy when ___________.

And what do you think happens?

I accomplish the said goal, and then, before I even give myself the chance to enjoy it, I have moved on to the next “I can’t wait for” moment–it’s a curse I have.

And today, when Baby W was rejecting every meal I tried to feed him with grunts and whining squeals, I found myself thinking, I can’t wait until he can tell me what he wants to eat…with actual words.

Kind of like when I “couldn’t wait” until he could hold his own bottle…

Or when I “couldn’t wait” until he could sit up in the bath tub…

Or when I “couldn’t wait” until he could crawl…or walk…

But today I took one look at my hubby wrestling with Baby W while I was doing the dishes and I wanted everything to STOP…to stand still…to stay exactly how it is.

I guess you could say I had one of those moments.

You know the ones.

The moments where suddenly {almost out of nowhere} you become completely overwhelmed with gratitude, and you’re bursting at the seams with happiness at the life you have been given–even if it is less than perfect {which of course is the case}.

In those moments it doesn’t matter that you have bills to pay, that you have important life decisions to make, or that you have no idea what future lies around the corner for your family.

Because in those moments, all that matters is that you are there…

With the ones you love…

There are no “I can’t wait until” thoughts, because in those moments you’re not waiting for life to pass you by…

You’re living in the moment–and loving it.

Here’s to moments like these:

And EVEN to these moments:
{hair pulling}

{back arching}
yours truly,
Little Miss Cheeseball