>Today I received a looooong overdo pedicure.

As in 5 months overdo.

It had pretty much gotten to the point that it was either get a pedicure,
or else move up a shoe size to make room for my new claws

{because I don’t usually take the time to clip my own nails–sadI know}.

And everything was glorious as usual about the whole pedicure foot bath experience…
That is until the guy giving me my pedi started to use that giant chain saw looking machine to scrape the 3 pounds of dead skin off my heels…
and a large chunk of heel skin flew from my foot directly into his eye.
and he nearly vomited with disgust as he ran to the sink to rinse out his eye ball.
and I was mortified,
especially since I spent the rest of the pedicure staring at his blood shot and swollen eye ball.
But at least I left 3 pounds lighter.
true story.
Baby W asked if you could send someone over here to change his diaper.
His Momma is slackin.