A handful of you have all had similar questions for me lately, so I thought I would answer a handful of them in this post.

{Recently Asked Questions}

Where did you get that heart ring you’re always wearing?
This is my favorite ring ever–it’s a Tiffany’s silver heart ring that my hubby got for me on our first Christmas as a married couple. I almost never take it off.

I contacted Tiffany’s and they said they “retired” that ring 2 years ago, but click here for a link to another website that sells the ring {it looks legit, but I’m not sure}.

Do you use magic toothpaste?
I literally laughed out loud when I opened this question in my inbox.  NO, I do not use magic toothpaste, however, I am an advocate for whitening strips–they are my not-so-secret Secret to white teethI am also super careful to drink any colored liquid through a straw and I always brush my teeth right after eating food that stains {i.e. spaghetti, berries, etc}–it has sorta become an annoying obsession of mine.

{sweater: Anthropologie sale section, shirt: Old Navy, belt: Forever 21, necklace: Amanda Lynne Designs, bracelet: Tiffany’s}

I recently purchased the Target brand of whitening strips {basically a knock off of Crest white strips}.They don’t come in clear plastic strips anymore–now they are the blue wax strips that you mold to your teeth {hence the blue teeth in the above pictures}.

Where do you shop?
Almost everything in my wardrobe is from Forever 21, Target and the sale section of Anthropologie. I have NEVER paid full price for anything in Anthropologie–ever!  Here are the details on the specific outfits some of you have asked about:

{pink sweater: Target, top: local store, belt: Forever 21, ring: Tiffany’s}

{sweater: Forever 21, shirt: Forever 21, jeans: Forever 21, shoes: local store but they also sell them at Forever 21, purse: Aubrey Plays}

{jeans: Forever 21, shirt: Gap, belt: Forever 21, sweater: local discount store with the tag crossed out but I think the brand is NY&Co.}

Why do you wear your wedding ring on your right hand?
Actually, I wear it on my left hand, but almost all the pictures I take of myself are taken through a mirror so the images are reversed {making it appear as though I am wearing my ring on my right hand}. I’m super tricky like that.

{so this is actually my left hand through a mirror}

Are your hair extensions made of fake hair and where did you get them?
They are actually 100% real hair. Fake hair cannot be washed, blow dried, curled or straightened–therefore, I use real hair. 

My hair dresser has me buy the hair and then she puts it in.  I bought my extensions at a local beauty supply store, but I am sure you can find it online as well.  I would google: weft hair extensions.  Here is how they will look before you had them put in:

Talk to your hair dresser about what color and how much to purchase. I have 1 ounce of hair extensions in my hair. Also, a lot of the time your hair dresser will color the hair to match yours.  Your hair dresser will braid a corn row in your hair and then sew the strand of extensions into the corn row.

{picture found on internet–this isn’t me}

People usually get hair extensions for two reasons: to make your hair longer and/or to make your hair thicker.  My extensions are actually shorter than my real hair, so they just make my hair thicker to help hide my secret.
What kind of camera do you use?
If you read this post, then you’ve heard that I know nothing about my camera.
I take every picture on “auto”.

{Canon Power Shot SX20 IS, 12.1 mega pixels}

Nothing too fancy, but it does the trick.
{psst, fyi, I surprised myself with a new Nikon DSLR camera for Christmas–but I haven’t used it yet–I have lofty goals of taking a photography class in the future}

Some of you have asked me how to find sponsors for your blog–I am going to save my tips for gaining sponsors for a future post all on its own {it will go up very soon, I promise}.

Did I forget anything?
Anymore questions?
Let me know in the comments section.