Little Miss Momma: Etched in Stone
{and a DISCOUNT}
{Shirt: Gap, Necklace: Jessica N Designs, Camera Strap: Mel V}
Sometimes, Little Miss Momma has one of those days.
The one’s where I feel like giving up.
Like throwing in the towel.
Where I ask myself, can I make this work?
Where I wonder, is this a blessing to my family or a burden?
Do I know what I’m getting myself into?
Can I please everyone–do I even want to?
Am I prepared for the crazies and the meanies that will come out of the woodwork?
And sometimes, just sometimes a negative attitude
and a doubting conscious
get the best of me,
and I convince myself to “call it quits“.
But only for a moment.
Because then I check my inbox that minutes earlier I was stressing over,
and I smile, as I read your messages…
Because your words assure me that I am not alone,
that you have all been there before.
That on some days,
each and every one of us has our doubts,
questions our potential.
But that doesn’t mean we stop.
And your words remind me why…
WHY I do this.
WHY this matters to me.
WHY this is totally worth it.
WHY I am NOT going anywhere.
So when I received my new Jessica N Designs necklace on a day when I was having one of those moments,
I chuckled at the irony.
Little Miss Momma is etched in stone now!
{actually, it’s sterling silver}
But the point is,
I’m here to stay.
And this necklace is my reminder of WHY!
What’s YOUR reminder of why it’s all worth it?
A Big Big thank you to Jessica N Designs,
for my adorable necklace.
Jessica’s shop is overflowing with little beauties that I want oh-so-bad!
Ladies, seriously, you’re gonna want to send your
“significant other” here for Valentine’s Day!

And Jessica is giving ALL Little Miss Momma readers
15% OFF
with the code: LMM15 
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I {heart} my LMM necklace by Jessica!
BTW: this is Jessica.
She is adorable.
And she is about to give birth at any moment.
Seriously, like she could actually be “pushing” at this very moment!
Isn’t she stunning!
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