Camera Stache, That Shirt Again,
Side Pony Tail and a Discount
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Why, hello there.
The answer to your question is YES.
Yes, I am wearing that shirt again.
I told you, it’s my favorite.
And what does it matter what shirt I’m wearing,
when I have this bodacious piece of eye candy hanging around my neck.
{if we all ban together, I think we can bring the side ponytail back–you in?}
Are you coveting my new Mel V Designs camera strap cover?
Is your heart melting over those crisp pink ruffles?
Are those polka dots making your swoon?
I figured as much.
My super hot camera strap cover
is kinda like my favorite pair of shoes
I don’t need to diet to look good in it,
because it always fits,
and it always makes me feel pretty
{even if I haven’t been to the gym, in oh lets say, 2 years}.
{yep, that was my Mel V strap cover you saw in my “Happy Mommy” post}
Mel V Designs has tons of other adorable designs that I just know you will love!  I think I spent an hour narrowing down to my favorite strap. Check it:

Just imagine one of these beauties hanging around your neck in your next
is generously offering
25% OFF
Coupon Code: ASHLEYROCKS25
{type in code in the coupon box at checkout}
Which one are you gonna get?
Or dream about getting?
Or heart on etsy?
Or ask a loved one to get you for V-Day?
I want this one next.
Would it be weird to have more than one?
Maybe one for every day of the week?
Mel V also has a fabulous blog!
And she will be guest blogging here on Sunday {whoop whoop}!
Oh yeah, for those photo-happy girlies of you our there,
this adorable camera charm necklace is a must have.
Keep Calm and Snap On!
Have fun shopping Mel V Designs with your
25% OFF discount code!