Or does it?

I’m still not convinced about the red denim trend,
which is why I have left the price tag on.
Maybe if it was 1982 then I wouldn’t bat an eye about wearing these in public.
{Shirt: Forever 21, Red Jeans: Forever 21, Shoes: Coach, Burlap Tote: All Things Vintage, Necklace: Starfish}
After the hubby took this picture, I went inside, rolled them up a couple more times, changed my shoes, and then liked how they looked
a little bit better. 
 But the hubby was tired of me complaining about his lame-o photography skills–so I had to take this picture myself {and I haven’t quite figured out how to take a full length shot through a mirror}.

{shoes: Bakers}
I’ll let you know if I decide to take them back.