{one year ago today…}
{taken about a year ago}

 One year ago today,
I logged into blogger and spent a few hours typing in
every clever blog name I could think of in an attempt
to find one that wasn’t already taken.
Eventually I settled on Little Miss Momma.
Then I spent way too much time trying to design my own header.
It was ugly.
I even tried to design my own button.
It was even uglier.
But I didn’t think so at the time.
I was smitten.
And completely anxious to dive into this whole Momma-blogger thing.
I nestled in to my little corner of the blog universe and I got comfortable.
I even busted out a mind blowing post about my pillows.
Because there’s nothing more exciting to read about than pillows…
I took each and every pillow in my house
and I laid them out on my back lawn.
And then I took pictures,
to share with you.
And I wondered why no one was reading my blog.
{except for my fab sister in law, of course}
But I didn’t quit.
I started focusing my attention on the finer details
of the blogs I loved so much.
What made them interesting?
Why was I compelled to read them every day?
What set them apart?
And all my bloggy favorites had the same things in common.
They were honest,
they were real,
and I wanted to be friends with them in real life.
That’s when I realized
my pillows weren’t going to find me any bloggy BFF’s.
So I took a risk,
and I shared my secret with you all.
And it felt so good,
that I never looked back.
Now, one year later,
y’all know the intimate details of my mangy toe hair,
my heel skin, my peeing habits, my awkward moments,
my insecurities, and my overall weirdness.
It’s been a blast.
Thanks for sticking with me.
This post brought to you by
the new retro cat eye glasses
found in my etsy shop,
They are super cool,
just like you.