Coming at’cha from Chey-town {aka Cheyenne, WY}.
Where the snow is fresh, the family is abundant, the outfits are not snow appropriate, the hubby takes a snow shovel to channel his inner MANliness, the cowl comes out to play, this momma takes a break from the Internet, and the white trash diapers still find their way to the back porch.
It’s all good.

I will be linking up my “snow outfit” here:
Momma Go Round
Totally unrelated, but I am having some major anxiety about all my unanswered emails. I am soooo sorry to those of you who have emailed recently. I hope to be ahead of the curve sooner rather than later. Thanks for bearing with me.
{and yep, I had to google it–its “bear with me”, not “bare with me”.}