No one ever tells you that having children will make you all weepy.
Or that something as simple as a Pampers commercial
will suddenly bring you to tears.
And that the thought of any child suffering anywhere in the world will make you sick to your stomach.
No one ever tells you just how much your heart will grow,
once you make that special addition to your family.
And yesterday, when we were waiting in line at the airport
I happened across a family of four saying their goodbyes.
Momma, Dad, Sister, Brother.
From the looks of things,
they were sending their son off.
Probably somewhere far away and important,
like boot camp or college.
{at least that’s how I imagined it}
I couldn’t help but notice the Momma subtly wipe away tears she was attempting to hide from her son.
And suddenly I was 18 years into the future,
sending my son off,
on some important journey
to make his mark on the world.
…and then, right there
in the middle of the airport
I was wiping away my own tears.
Yeah, I’m pretty much a weepy weepster.
And when I got home, I decided to torture myself some more with my favorite clip from the movie Love Actually–the infamous airport scene.