>As inspired by The Daybook.

In my house, we refer to Sydney, of The Daybook, as my “girlfriend”.
When the hubby asks what inspired me to mix stripes with polka dots,
I say “well, my girlfriend does it”,
and he knows what I mean–even if he doesn’t agree.
But then again, he wears mismatched socks, so what does he know.

Now onto the A&A.


Sneaking the hubby’s nose hair trimmer and giving it a whirl. It tickled.

The accidental snot bubble I blew while having a conversation with a friend at church–true story. Maybe if I hadn’t trimmed my nose hairs the day before they would have popped the bubble before it surfaced {just a thought}.

Having my sister in law wax my stash for the second time in my entire life. As it turns out, I should probably be doing this biweekly. The stash tape was full with an embarrassing amount of hair. Like, people were probably talking about me behind my back amount of hair.

Removing poo pellets from my bath tub. Read about it here, if you dare.

Waking up in the middle of the night with a dry tongue that feels like sandpaper, because my nose is so clogged {still} that I can only breathe out of my mouth.

Realizing that I am officially too old to be nakey in front of the baby–let’s just say there was reaching and I will be fully clothed forever more.

Accepting the fact that my spanx are not a license for slothfulness. Because at some point, even spanx can’t hide the bulge–and that point is fast approaching.

Speaking of which…when the doctor tried to put the stethoscope on my back and nearly had his hand ripped off by the overpowering strength of my spanx. His response, “uh, that’s ok, I’ll can just listen to your breathing over those”.

The recurring “blemish” {because the word zit gives me shivers} that has been appearing on the bottom of my nose for 3 weeks now.

Is anyone else noticing a “body” theme with the “awkwards” this week?
Hmm, that’s awkward. On that note, let’s move onto the awesome, shall we.


Having a camera close by so I could capture the poo incident.

Having a hubby who watched the baby while I went to Barnes and Noble to work, not once, but twice this week–allowing me to answer about 5% of my inbox emails.

Getting surprises in the mail.

Unexpected belated birthday presents {I love presents}.

The hair appointment I have scheduled tomorrow to make my hair brown again.

My new book.

Watching a fellow blogger buddy crush it.

Sun and rain in the same day.

The giveaway coming up later this week…here’s a hint:

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