How to Make a Lace Tie Bracelet
{using scrap fabric}

My creative wheels are struggling lately,
so I totally understand if you hate this tutorial.
But I sorta hope you don’t.

You can make this no-sew bracelet in 5 minutes, no joke.

Bust out your fabric and lace scraps and glue gun,
and that’s all you need.

First you need to make a 2 x 20 inch strip of fabric for your base.  I used basic muslin fabric for my base.  First, I cut a little slit {about 1/2 an inch} and then I ripped it the rest of the way so that the edges fray.

Then I laid out the scraps I decided to use.

Take the scrap lace you want to use first and measure it around your wrist.
Trim all the lace scraps to be this length.

Apply glue on the top edge of the lace scrap
and then place on bottom of the strip of muslin.

Glue down the next strip just above the other.

Then glue down the final scrap.
You don’t need to use very much glue.

Then tie it in a casual bow around your wrist, and flaunt it.

Happy Crafting!

I will be linking this tutorial up at these radical parties.
Divine blankets for your babes:

Baby W adores his lovey blankee!