March Madness is kinda a big deal in the
Little Miss Momma household.
And since we’re all BFF’s now,
I thought why not invite you into the drama excitement.
The hubs and I would love to have YOU {or your hubby, or your kiddos, or your grandma, or your neighbor, or your BFF} complete a bracket and join the competition.
In fact, I dare you to invite your hubby/boyfriend/whatever to join.
There, are you motivated now?
For the record, I know nothing about college basketball and pride myself on being one of those girlies who wins the whole shebang by simply selecting teams with the best uniforms, hottest players, or even the silliest mascot:
{not even sure what this is, but he looks like a winner to me}
I’m even thinking there will need to be some sort of
prize for the WINNER, other than the crown of pride, of course! Hmmm, more on a prize later while I dream up something fabulous!
But for now, join the AWESOMENESS and keep your fingers crossed!
Here’s how you join:
1. Click on THIS link.
2. Register
3. Type in the password: LMM
4. Fill out your bracket
That’s it!
*Be sure to remember your username and password so that you can come check to see if you are beating me {or NOT}.
If you want to invite everyone and their mother to join,
email/facebook them this link and be sure they know the password is LMM:
Get ready for the smack down,
I mean, good luck!

IMPORTANT: Games start on Thursday, so you must have your bracket completed by Wednesday night at the latest to join in on the fun!