Did I ever tell you guys about the time I threw a Scentsy Basket Party and ended up with tons of FREE product?

No, I didn’t?

Well, I should have.
Because I know you like free stuff, just like me.

So here’s the scoop.
Basically, I signed up to do a basket party–which means I didn’t have the pressure of inviting a bunch of people to my house and all the cooking and cleaning that would require.

Instead, I was able to host an “online party“.
I was sent samples of ALL the fragrances and a bunch of catalogs.
All my friends who lived close by could stop by my house at their leisure to smell the fragrances and place an order.
And then,
the BEST part,
I got to blog about it,
so that all of you could place orders online.

Super simple.
Super fun.
And it resulted in Scentsy awesomeness in EVERY room of my house.
Just thought you should know.

If you want info on hosting your own party
email Cyndi at wantwickless{at}gmail.com

So now, I am a Scentsy addict.
Like my eyeball twitches in the morning,
until the moment I turn on my warmer and have my “beach” fragrance emanating throughout my home.

And just in time for Spring {think Easter gifts people},
they have added some fun new goodies:

The Dotty is the warmer of the month, so it happens to be 10% OFF.
And then, some of my longtime favorites:
You put a scent pack inside of this adorable Scentsy buddy.
I got Baby W the lion.
One of my favorite warmers {got it for my Momma}

And today,
my favorite Scentsy consultant, Cyndi
is giving away a
$25 gift certificate
to her Scentsy Shop
Here’s how you WIN:
{leave a separate comment for each entry you complete}

*Go to Cyndi’s Scentsy site and tell leave a comment with what you are loving.
* LIKE Cyndi’s Scentsy Facebook page and leave a comment that you came from LMM.

* Sign up for Cyndi’s newsletter. Which is always jam packed with fabulous discounts and deals.

Blog, Facebook and/or Tweet about this giveaway and leave a link. {up to 3 entries}.
*Follow LMM publicly.
The WINNER will be announced on March 25th, 2011.
**Free Gift Party! ANYONE who places an order this month (March) will get a FREE Jumpin’ Jelly Bean Scent Circle in addition to my regular online rewards. (minimum purchase of $1+ )

**For every 5 orders received she will be put them into a drawing for a FREE “On The Go” product (either a Travel Tin, Scent Pak, Room Spray, or Fragrance Foam), on top of the free scents circle.