Dear Baby W,
Your Daddy’s phone is like a treasure chest of memories.
Because he has had the phone since the beginning of time.
And because he has taken photos of nearly every moment in our lives
for the last few years.
And for the first time ever,
I figured out how to download all 1167 of those photos {for reals, that’s how many pictures he had}.  Here are a few of the memories that made me smile.
The first picture your Dad took on his new phone–I had the flu, and I was very contagious. The doctor made me wear this for a week. This is a year before you were born.

I cam home from work to find your Dad sportin this hair do.
Sometimes he forgets to spike the parts that he can’t see.

Later that week, I came home from work and your sweet Daddy surprised me with a new fun car!  Three weeks later I was pregnant with you, and too sick to drive. Then you were born and I traded in my convertible for an SUV.
First signs of Baby bump.
{now my tummy is 5 times bumpier, and no baby in there–but you were so worth it, my little man}

I painted your nursery and got excited for you to arrive.

And for some reason I envisioned you in sailor outfits everyday–that never happened, your welcome.

When I was 5 months pregnant, I had a scary mole removed from my tummy.
Now mommy has a big ole scar.
And then BAM, I was as big as a house.
You were a mondo baby, for such a shorty Momma.

Our first family picture.

You were the cutest little froggy baby.

You had to lay in the sun for 4 hours a day.


You sucked on your Daddy’s finger right after you came out of my tummy.
This picture reminds me of how tiny you were, and how tired I was.

Mommy Baby snuggle time.

We tortured you for your infant photo shoot.

Smoochy lips.

You and your best friend, LJ.

Halloween monkey baby. You hated me for this costume.

Where’s Waldo.

The only time you were ever peaceful in Church.

You never liked a binkie.

I am so grateful your Daddy captured these precious memories.
And I love you to infinity and beyond.
love, Momma
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