I have these vivid childhood memories
of schlepping around from antique store to antique store
while my Mom, Grandma and Aunties took their sweet time
looking through, what I {at the time}thought was junk.

I remember being a total brat,
tucking my nose into the colar of my shirt
pretending to gag on the overwhelming scent of mothballs
that seemed to be the pinnacle of the “antiquing experience”.

Are we done yet?
I would ask, over and over.

Flash forward twenty-something years,
and not only has my opinion of “antiquing” evolved,
but it seems the entire concept of antiquing has come a long way.

For example, in my home town
antiquing now smells like lavender, instead of mothballs.

Antiquing now means burlap and potato sacks,
rather than coffee stained cotton.

Antiquing means barn wood and vintage typewriters and petite fur coats.

Antiquing means inspiration;
it means stopping time for just a bit,
to look back
and admire the simple beauty
of what once was.

And on Tuesday,
time stopped for me
when I took the afternoon to go antiquing.

Ahhh, it was wonderful.

First stop, The Agoura Antique Mart.

The moment you walk in,
you are transported to a world of beauty.
This is not your grandma’s antique mart ladies.
Rather, this is an antique mart you would find on the pages of Cottage Living Magazine.  An antique mart where you wish to adorn the spaces of your home with all the treasures you find. There are twinkle lights and chandeliers, european soaps and soy candles, vintage tablescapes and 1960’s cocktail dresses.
Next stop, The Bungalow.

When I walk into the Bungalow,
I see a vision of what I hope my home will one day become.
Antique Chic–is that even a term?
Linen ruffles, vintage table runners, rod iron fixtures, french doors, distressed barn wood, seashells pearls and of course, burlap.
This is my happy place.

I would be happy to spend an entire day trying on vintage wedding gowns.
Is that normal?

So, if you’re ever in the area,
I’m always looking for a good excuse to go antiquing.
For more information on these shops click below: