Taking Mommy advice is a tricky thing.
It seems I’m one of those Momma’s who likes to give,
but often doesn’t want to hear it.

Don’t get me wrong,
I’ll take any tips or hints or tricks
that might actually get my toddler to sleep through the night
at least once in his 21 months on this Earth.

And its not that I don’t want to hear about what has worked for other Momma’s, because trust me, I actually do.

It’s just that sometimes,
the advice I hear
makes me feel…
hmmm, whats the word?

Because, I swear to you,
my kid is the exception to every rule.

There is no book written
that has the solutions to his…
How shall I put this?
His energy.

When he’s awake,
nothing gets done.
And I’ve learned to accept that.

I wait for the moment he goes down for a nap
and then I speed through my daily list,
often with the heart rate of an Olympic sprinter.

So when I hear the most popular bit of Momma advice out there,
it usually makes me want to scream.

Said advice: Ya know, you should really sleep every time he goes down for a nap.  {Insert my frustrated scream here}

Well, sure, in a perfect world,
one where someone else ran my errands,
did my laundry, my dishes, my grocery shopping,
my diaper changing, my cooking {oh wait, I don’t cook}…
In that world,
I would happily take a nap
when my kiddo does.

But until then,
nap time will continue to be
to get life done.

Even if I’m a tired Momma,
he’s a happy and healthy boy
and for that I am 100% grateful.

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