Eye SPY: Around the Home

This week’s theme–anything you feel inspired to take pictures of around your home. To get the caught up on the I SPY series, click here.

And now,
Welcome to the nooks and crannies of my home.

I Spy the first thing you’ll see when you walk into my home–a friendly reminder of my latest neurosis, no shoes inside.
{Stamped est. sign tutorial, hook shelf by Old and New Again}

I Spy our very first family portraits hanging over our couch.

{portraits by Brittany Davis}

I Spy baby-proofing on every door and cupboard.

I Spy lots of hidden treasures shoved under my TV stand by Baby W.

I Spy a framed picture of the “newlywed days”. 
The days of tan skin, no stretch marks and lots of date nights.

I Spy my favorite artwork.

{Family Rules sign by BOP, picture frame by Bed Bath & Beyond, Baby W painting by Modern Bird Studios, Cutlery Wall Art tutorial here}

I Spy leaves cut from old book pages.

I Spy a glimpse of my gray and blue bathroom.

{Sign by BOP, Anthro knock off ruffle shower curtain made by my grandma}

I Spy a sorry excuse for a pantry.  Sad, I know.
Are you craving Lucky Charms now?

I Spy the wall where I tested paint colors for our master bedroom…2.5 years ago.

I Spy a toddler playing, and the teeny tiny workspace where I write most of my posts.

I Spy a baby who wants his Daddy to feel better.

I Spy a baby who doesn’t understand what NO means.

I Spy the world’s fastest clapping baby–who is clearly very pleased with his disobedience.

I Spy the highlight of my day–a surprise brownie pop package in the mail, from a dear friend of whom I have never met face to face.

I Spy the power of a heart-felt note, and the thoughtfulness of true friendship.

{a special thanks to Britt and the surprise package she sent us this week too, it was oh-so-yummy}

I Spy a hubby determined to get out of the house, one way or another.

I Spy my forever, resting on our front lawn.

I Spy a home,
where love lives.

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