It seems that the hubby’s unexpected knee surgery has led to a change of plans around these parts.
Emails have gone unanswered.
Posts have gone unposted.
Dishes have gone unwashed.
And laundry has gone un-laundered,
as the husband has been confined to the couch loopy on pain meds
while I spend my days forming a human barrier between his knee
and our crash test dummy of a toddler.
And to top things off,
Baby W’s two year molars have decided to come out and play this week,
three months early, mind you.
So you’d think that since I don’t ever sleep
I would have lots of time to get things done.
But you would be wrong.
Exhaustion has turned my brain into a mashed potato,
so even the most medial task is completed at half speed.
Which would explain why I forgot this weekend was Easter.
Yep, completely forgot.
And whose house do you think Easter will be hosted at this year?
Uh huh, mine.
And the Easter decorations are still in the box,
buried in the garage
under boxes that only the pre-knee surgery husband can lift.
So I did what I do best.
I googled.
Rather I searched Spring/Easter ideas on my new obsession, Pinterest.
And I stumbled upon some delightful finds.
Yeah, I just said delightful {we might try that word out for a while}.
And now, wish me luck
as I head out to Target
with my hyper-active toddler, an immobile hubby and a shoestring budget.
Not to worry though,  we already called Target ahead and reserved one of those motorized carts.
This should be fun.
Time for the inspiration:



A little glimpse into the meaning of Easter in our home.
Without Easter there would be no Christmas. -Gordon B. Hinckley