I love when I find a blog that tells it like it is,
while also staying positive about Motherhood
and life.
While I don’t always succeed,
its exactly what I strive for in my own blog.
Like how sometimes Motherhood stinks, literally–but it will always leave you smiling.
Like how sometimes the only solution to a day full of tantrums, back arching and food throwing is a super-sized value meal.
Like how motherhood is synonymous with worry-hood.
Like how in becoming a momma, you both lose your identity while also discover who you really are.
Like how motherhood is just plain funny at times–bottom line.
So when I find another blog
that addresses the reality of motherhood
through stories about “Mom Moments” we can all relate to,
it makes me happy.
Meet Tiffany,
of Mom Moments,
the Mom blog for the Clorox brand.
{the same blog I guest posted on earlier this week}.
When she’s not chasing her son around for diaper changes,
convincing her daughter not to wear goggles to bed,
or trying to get unidentified stains out of her kids’ clothes,
she works in the marketing department at Clorox.
Her posts have me nodding my head in agreement,
laughing out loud,
and feeling warm and fuzzy with the knowledge
that I am not alone in this adventure of motherhood.
Tiffany tells the best stories.
Like the one where her daughter embarrassed her in public when she asked a “poop” question.
Or the time she realized that having kids is like eating humble pie.
Or the time she candidly talks about the challenges of being a new mom.
Or the one where she talked about the foolishness of the “pre-mommyhood” days.
I could relate to each and every one of these posts.
So if you have a moment,
and are looking for a reason to smile
then visit Tiffany
and discover your Mom Moments.