I don’t really know where to start the story of US.
Do I start on the first day our eyes locked,
and a part of me just knew?
Do I start a year before we met,
and the events that prepared me to have faith in us?
Do I start on the day you became the first guy to really really break my heart?
Or do I simply begin with my journal entry, written a few days after we met:

June 15, 2004
Tomorrow I am going to kick the soccer ball around with Ben {the adorable basketball coach from work}.  I don’t know why I’m giddy and looking forward to something so small and simple.  I mean, we’ve hardly spoken, but I swear, when he looks at me I nearly forget my name. Wow, I don’t if I’ve ever felt quite this way before. And the way he makes me feel, is what I love about life.  I don’t want to have to try so hard and fight for happiness and a connection.  If it’s real and true, then the connection will happen on its own–naturally.  Sure, there will be bumps along the way, but during the rough times, support and unconditional love will replace frustration and blame.  I believe such true, real love exists–and I believe it may have just found me.

to be continued…