>I want to be your Super Mom.

I want to be the Momma who finds the perfect balance
between being your parent
and being your friend.
I want to be the Momma who says yes
when you ask me to go out and jump on the trampoline,
or to build sand castles with you at the beach,
or get my hair wet at the pool,
or Ooo and Ahhh over your latest magic trick.
I want to be the Momma who throws the ball around in the backyard,
sings into a wooden spoon with the radio blasting,
and uses fun voices when I read your favorite books.
I want to be the Momma whose not afraid to make messes,
get my hands dirty,
or create a bit of chaos
all in the name of having fun with my little guy.
Then when you grow up and tell childhood stories to your own little family,
I hope that you will have fond memories
of my after school chewy chocolate chip cookies,
my perfect spiral football throw,
and the fridge I made sure was always overflowing with your artwork.
Because, thanks to this Momma’s Momma {your grandma},
I know how much the little things make a difference.
{our day trip to Underwood Family Farm}
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