I’m Mexican.
Well not completely.
You see, my Dad is half Mexican {although he looks 100%},
so I guess that makes me a quarter.
Which is why I get brown in the summer, 
have hot salsa running through my veins,
and will forever have a soft spot in my heart and in my tummy
for my Grandma’s crunchy chicken tacos and albondigas soup.
So when the Padre came over for dinner tonight,
I decided to cook up some Mexican goodness.
{that’s a Kobe Bryant Lakers shirt, in case you were wondering}.
And Baby W wanted to help.


While I was busy cutting up this…

for this…

and prepping these…

{Pioneer Woman Enchilladas}

Baby W was helping in his own way.

And because he has a little brown in him too (1/8th to be exact),
he enjoyed his spicy Pioneer Woman salsa
without batting an eye.

That’s my boy!

What did you eat for dinner, and who did you eat it with?