Mommy’s Little Monster
 This Little Monster gives Mommy a kiss before he is about to do something bad.
This Little Monster regurgitates his food to let Mommy know he is done eating a meal.
This Little Monster thinks all of Mommy’s cooking utensils are his toys,
rips books that have real pages,
points to Mommy’s zits and says Ouchy {in public},
and dumps out all the toy buckets
just seconds after Mommy has finished picking them up.
But being a Little Monster means more than getting into trouble.
Little Monsters are curious and inquisitive,
interested and intrigued,
sensitive and compassionate,
love learning and creating
and they have a belly laugh that will make
even the grouchiest person smile from ear to ear.
Little Monsters have wild hair that Mommy’s love to ruffle with their fingers,
they furrow their brows when they focus,
and if you are lucky enough to catch them just after a nap,
they will nestle their cheek into the warmest part of your neck
and sit still for nearly 15 minutes–and those will be the most sacred 15 minutes of your day.
Today, I want to give a big thank you to Megan and Gregg, of Mod Tots,
for the most adorable reminder of this “stage” in Baby W’s life.

Gregg and Megan are the husband/wife owners of Modern Bird Studios, who gave me my very first and most favorite piece of real artwork. 
And they recently launched a second super fab business designed for kiddos–Mod Tots
Each of these designs is HAND PAINTED!
Animals, robots, monsters, dinosaurs, pastries and more.
These designs are Adorable with a capital A.

You pick the character and then pick
your favorite background color to match your decor.
You want a dozen of them don’t you?
Yeah, me too.
Today, Mod Tot’s will be giving away a whopping
$100 gift certificate
to one lucky LMM reader.
And for those of you ready to place an order now,
Mod Tot’s is giving
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Here’s how you ENTER to WIN:
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**Giveaway open to US and Canada only.**
Winner will be announced Friday, June 3rd, 2011.