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>So there’s this girl
and her name is Casey {cool, right!).
I go to her blog
and I stare at her pictures like a creeper.
She is gorgeous,
and so is her family.
But the best part.
She is 100% humble.
And we like humble.
She is a Momma who loves with every ounce of her heart.
She has an Ashton Kutcher look alike hubs {huge compliment if you ask me}.
She has babes that could be Gap models.
She writes from the heart.
Oh, and did I mention that she is an insanely talented artist?
Because she’s that too!

Today Casey is visiting us,
to share some of her beautiful thoughts on Motherhood.
Here she is:


Hi, My name is Casey Wiegand and I am a freelance artist, wife and mama. I love painting and sharing our life through my blog …where you can expect pieces of my perspective on life, faith, kids, marriage, with touches of art, creative inspiration, projects and things I love along the way. I have two littles ones in the hopes of lots more and am married to the love of my life!
When sweet Ashley asked me to guest post I was HONORED and so excited. She is such an inspiration to so many of us and to get to be a part of this beautiful blog is amazing! I was thinking about what I should share today and decided to talk about open hands…..something I struggle with when it comes to my littles! 
So very nice to meet you all!!!
Aiden (my 2 year old)is a major snuggle bug. I don’t know if it’s because for the past 2 years I have snuggled him constantly or if it was already in his nature but he loves to be held, snuggled, tickled, hugged, kissed…all things wonderful.
Some nights he is extra extra loving. Like tonight. 
I went in to put him to bed and both arms instantly wrapped tight around my neck, holding on for dear life and then came the kisses! Countless kisses all over my cheeks.
Then came my tears. 
The hot tears streaming down my cheeks. Oh the love. Sometimes I just can’t squeeze tight enough. I stayed in there till he fell asleep and he never let go.
I have an incredibly sensitive spirit. It’s both a strength and a curse. I tend to get my heart broken often.  Then I started to think….if something happened to me, could others love my babies the way I do?

Would they know?
Would they know the big things like schedules. What Aiden will and won’t eat. His favorite toys, his own little language. His bath routine. His favorite shows & songs to dance to.

What about Ainsleigh ( my 9 month old)? when she eats, the noises she makes when she is tired vs hungry. What makes her laugh.

Then I think…well, what about the little things.
Would they know that when Aiden pulls your eye to his cheek he wants butterfly kisses.
Or that when he runs to the kitchen rug & sits down, he is ready for a pretend picnic.
The countless things I know about them.
What about the nights. Would they get up with him 10 times each night and hold him till he slips into slumber.
Please say yes.
It actually makes me weep.
There is a great hope in Jesus. He loves my babies more than I ever could imagine. More than me. Impossible to imagine really, but true. And no matter if I am here or not, they will be loved greatly.
Open hands Casey, open hands.

“When a woman has a kingdom heart, she has an active understanding of what matters most to the heart of God. She lives in the balance of passion and contentment. She learns to love well, give without regard to self, and forgive without hesitation. The woman with a kingdom heart may have a duffel bag full of possessions or enough treasures to fill a mansion, but she has learned to hold them with an open hand. Hold everything with open hands. I don’t think we are ever allowed to grab hold of anything or anyone as though they matter more than the kingdom of heaven. When you hold relationships with open hands, then people come in and out of your life as gifts of grace to be cherished and enjoyed, not objects to be owned and manipulated. And then when you hold your dreams with open hands, you get to watch God resurrect what seemed dead and multiply what seemed small.”


>If you have been reading Little Miss Momma for a while
then you may remember the Secret Week I hosted back in November.
An entire week dedicated to revealing your deepest darkest secrets.
It was an emotional week to say the least.
At the end of that 7 days
my inbox continued to be flooded with secrets.
Confessions you had never told anyone before.
I was overwhemled.
And inspired.
I started another blog,
Sisterhood of Secrets.
And while I haven’t been as good about updating it as I should,
I try to reveal secrets as often as I can.

Tonight three new ones went up,
and these sisters need our support.
Head over to S.O.S.
If you feel so inspired,
share a comment
and offer your support.


Every now and then I like to let you guys know what you will find in my browser history.  As in what other blogs I have been obsessing over.
As in searching through their archives waaayyyy past my bedtime.
As in want to have their phone number so we can text and become BFF,
because I just know we have so much in common.
And today, there are two ladies in particular that I have been getting to know a bit better, and falling head over heals with.
The first, I learned about from my gal MGR.
Author: Cori
She is my BFF and doesn’t even know it.
This girl is me.
No really, she is.
Except she has better eye brows,
she can sew like Martha Stewart,
she seems to have complete control over her 3 stunning kiddos
and she is way braver with fashion.
OK, so maybe we aren’t exactly alike,
but I still like to think so.
Did I mention that we are the EXACT same height?!
Yep, 4-10 and 3/4.
4-11 with shoes.
That’s really short, and NO we don’t get a special sticker for parking,
so don’t even ask, because that will only irritate us.
My favorite part about Cori,
she makes us shorties look good!
You will love her.

Yes, she did sew all of these outfits, Mmm Hmmm.
I think she looks just like Jamie Lynn Sigler.
Translation: she is stunning!
Visit La Vie Petite today,
and while you’re their would you mind letting her know that we’re BFF–its time I come out of the closet.
Now this next girl KNOWS I love her.
Meet Lee La La.
Author Lindsay.
This girl has got it all going on.
Crafty super star.
Etsy business owner stud.
Hot Momma with fabulous fashion sense.
And a new REAL life BFF of mine–true story.
It turns out we live around the corner from each other,
and even grew up in the same area,
AND our kids are the same age.
Woah, right!?!
She has been a blessing to my life
and I can tell we will be life long friends.
Visit Lee La La here.
Ok, so who are your latest blog crushes?
I must know.


Eye SPY: Handmade Edition

Show me all things handmade.
Be creative.
Crafts you have been working on,
gifts, home decor, etsy finds.
So long as its handmade,
it’s perfect for this link party.

Also, note that I keep the link party open for a week
so you have plenty of time to take your pictures and link up.

Click HERE, to get caught up on I SPY.

And here are my handmades.

I SPY my latest “handmade” project,
Leather Feather Earrings
{say that 3 times fast}

And for those of you who want to know how to make these bad boys for yourself, here is a little tutorial.

1) Leather scraps, available at Joann’s
2) Fabric scissors
3) Fish hook earrings, available at Joann’s
4) 4 jump rings, available at Joann’s
5) Large, thick sewing needle
6) Needle nose pliers
1) Cut out two feather shapes from the leather scraps.
2) Poke an extra large and thick needle through the top of each feather
3) Wriggle and twist the needle to be sure the hole stays open
4) See hole
5) Use the pliers to open one of the jump rings.
6) Slip the earring on the jump ring.
7) Use the pliers to open a second jump ring and put it through the hole in the leather. 
8) Now attache the two jump rings together and close with the pliers.

9) Use your fabric scissors to cut VERY thin slits at an angle all the way up the sides of the feather.
10) Then go back and cute a second very thin slit right along side the first cut.
11) Pull out the extra fabric.
12) Admire your new feather leather earrings.

I {heart} these and I may wear them every day.

I will link these feathers up to my favorite link parties found HERE.

And now, I SPY some other handmade loves of mine.

From left to right.
Photo Star: made for me by Love Stitched.
Trim lined vases that hold my knob collection.
My Favorite Things blocks, with spots for future babes.

My latest Silhouette project, my all-time favorite Scripture.
Yeah, I know, I know, I’m still working on having a steady hand.

My homemade salsa using the Pioneer Woman’s recipe.

My “in process” newly covered couch–handmade by my very talented Grandma.  I will reveal the whole thing once my Grandma finishes. 

My favorite painting, done by a young teenage artist at my Church.
I love this girl, and when I saw this painting, I knew I had to have it.
It reminds me of Baby W.
Now, time to show me your handmade goodies!


So I wrote a life list.
A list of a hundred things I want to do in my lifetime.
I saw the exercise on one of my favorite blogs,
and I thought now that’s a great idea.
And you know what?
I ended up learning a bit about myself in the process.
You should try it.
From the most simple,
to the most extravagant,
to the utterly ridiculous,
these are my dreams:
1. Run a marathon

2. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
3. Spend an entire summer in the Hampton’s
4. Century bike ride {100 miles}
5. Meet Ree Drummond and eat some of her good cookin
6. Write a book that people want to read
7. Read every Jane Austen novel
8. Write my love story
9. Be able to see my abs
10. Refinish a piece of furniture
11. Learn to crochet using a pattern
12. Sew my own skirt {a cute one}
13. Learn how to use a Mac
14. Use my DSLR camera on manual
15. Speak at a blog conference
16. Shake hands with the Prophet
17. Read the Book of Mormon in 24 hours
18. Speak Spanish fluently
19. Do my family history
20. Watch the live birth of a baby horse
21. Learn to shoot a rifle
22. Speak at the USC commencement ceremony
23. Have a monthly column in a national publication
24. Get paid to do what I love
25. Build a piece of furniture
26. Have naturally thick hair
27. Spend an entire day in bed cuddling with the hubs
28. Live in Manhattan for a year
29. Run through Central Park
30. Have lunch with Kelly Ripa
31. Make someones dream come true
32. Float down a river in an inner tube
33. Stop drinking soda
34. Grow watermelon and boysenberries
35. Learn to apply liquid eye-liner
36. Do a juice fast
37. Write a thank you letter every day for an entire year
38. Design a shoe
39. Get invited to the Mighty Summit
40. Go ice skating
41. Dig up real dinosaur bones
42. Attend Blissdom
43. Color code my closet
44. Teach a spin class
45. Serve a Church Mission with my husband
46. Have my hair in braids for a summer
47. Get a teeny tiny peace sign toe ring tattoo {yes, I’m serious–sorry hubs}
48. Take photography classes
49. Own a small book store and boutique
50. Cook a Thanksgiving turkey {by myself}
51. Make my own baby food {for my future babes}
52. Anonymously pay for someones groceries
53. Leave a $1,000 tip for a deserving waitress
54. Write a children’s book about standing up for others against bullies
55. Print a line of greeting cards
56. Have my favorite scriptures memorized
57. Try at least 20 new kinds of cheese {in France}
58. Have a Gone With the Wind themed party
59. Have a blogger retreat in my home
60. Watch all my children live happily ever after
61. Be able to do a flip on a trampoline {again}
62. Learn sign language
60. Stay in one of those huts over the water in Fiji
61. Buy a house
62. Solve a Rubiks cube
63. Overcome my fear of riding a horse
64. Learn to shoot a bow and arrow
65. Hold someones hand as they give birth
66. Have a booth at a craft show
67. Have a product I design presented at a Trade Show
68. Make pasta from scratch
69. Do 50 push ups {without resting}
70. Throw a monthly dinner party
71. Take cooking classes
72. Travel with TOMS for their One for One campaign
73. Learn to cut my husbands hair
74. Can my own jam
75. Teach my children to be confident and kind
76. Play in an indoor soccer league
77. Ride my bike through one stage of the Tour De France
78. Bask in under the Tuscan sun
79. Dress like a cowgirl for an entire week {do cowgirls wear chaps?}
80. Get a black belt in Karate
81. Win a contest
82. Get a home/room makeover from HGTV
83. Fly my nieces and nephews out to California for 2 weeks in the summer
84. Start an etsy shop
85. Collect sea shells from 50 different beaches
86. Have a wall in my home be nothing but my favorite quotes
87. Walk the Great Wall of China
88. Write a song
89. Cook every recipe in my favorite cook book
90. Visit and spend time at the homes of all my sister-in-laws 
91. Make a baby girl
92. Build a tree house in our backyard
93. Travel to all 50 states
94. Have a closet that lets me display all my shoes and purses
95. Mentor a child
96. See Wicked in NY {again}
97. Learn to french braid
98. Go to Disney World
99. Memorize the U.S. Presidents
100. Be photographed in a Lisa Leonard product photo shoot
101. Create life
102. Make a difference

I would love to know three things on your life list!
Next weeks I SPY theme:
All things HANDMADE
{gifts, crafts, things you find shopping, whatever–so long as its homemade}


Thank you Pinterest,
for helping me find these inspiring words.


Take it from my new favorite gal,
YOU can be ANYTHING–even a Princess.
And that’s pretty awesome!