Vintage Baseball Baby Shower
{in case you were wondering, it was a big HIT}
Get it, “hit”, as in home run?!
A dear friend of mine is preggo with her second little boy, and it’s safe to say that their boy-filled home is a bit crazy about all things sports.
But rather than throw the typical “sports” themed party, Nina {of Momma Go Round} and I decided to spice things up a bit with a vintage inspired theme.
Oooooo, Ahhhhh!
Here is our glorious invitation designed by none other than NINA {mad design skills, I tell ya}.  She even sells these invites for a crazy cheap price in her Etsy shop {along with nearly ALL the other printable decor you’ll see at this party}.
BTW: We realized {after the invites had been printed}, that we forgot to include the time. Oooopps! So Nina threw together this filler card, lol.
We used my kitchen table to set up all the typical yummy sweets found at a baseball game {and then some}.
Accented with a “Concessions” banner.
Outside we set up a few little “conversation areas” with baseball themed treats for our guests to snack on.
Gotta have Red Vines, Baby Ruth’s Boston Baked Beans and Big Chew at a baseball game, right?!
These puppies make me smile–cupcakes have that effect on me.
Especially cupcakes with homemade frosting and scalloped toppers {also found in Nina’s shop}.
 And check out this fabulous baseball diamond shaped fruit platter, designed by the guest of honors Momma! How creative is that?!
Now DON’T look too closely at these janky chocolate Oreo’s that are supposed to look like baseballs.
Apparently my pastry design skills are sub par.
Gotta have Cracker Jacks at a game!
And cotton candy, of course!
We served a light lunch, baseball themed of course!
We whipped up these hot dogs and wrapped them in foil, Dodger stadium style. 
We found these adorable mini coke glasses at the dolor store {2 for $1} and knew we HAD to find a way to incorporate them. I cut down the straws to fit in the cups.
 Nina whipped up these water bottle labels for the perfect finishing touch to our beverage table {also available in her shop}.
 We made a banner that said the last name of the baby and then “field”.
For added effect, I turned on my patio “mood lighting”, lol.
Closer look at the cupcake toppers.
I made 3 of these Pom Pom’s using this wonderful tutorial from Organize and Decorate Everything.
And that pretty much sums up our fab party!
Like I said, it was a home run!
Head over to Momma Go Round for more about this baseball party!
Party On!